Unique and inimitable, all Wellendorff jewellery is made to achieve perfection through precision and loving attention to detail. Each piece passes through the hands of experienced goldsmiths.


From our exclusive J. Vair Anderson line of custom gemstone jewellery to rare and unique pearl treasures from under the South Sea and Tahiti. Handmade jewellery of emerald, ruby, sapphire and other exotic stones and pearls set in the finest metals just for you or someone you love.


Luxury watches have a tradition of quality craftsmanship. You will find an extensive selection of styles and price points in the exceptional and innovative luxury timepieces collections such as Rolex, H. Moser & Cie, Grand Seiko, Nomos, and many more.

About J.Vair Anderson

Proud to be serving the Calgary Community for nine decades. We have built our reputation on trust, integrity and excellence. Throughout three generations, the Anderson family has provided Calgary with their fine jewellery, designer lines, Swiss watch boutiques and giftware. While staying true to Calgary’s heritage we continue to grow and strive with a forever changing city.

Engagement Rings & Diamonds

Find the perfect engagement ring for that perfect person in your life – walk in and view our collection of engagement rings, wedding sets and anniversary bands in the heart of downtown Calgary. View and experience our exquisite collection of diamond jewellery for all occasions.

Designer Jewellery in Calgary

Our designer jewellery lines offer a vast selection of jewellery pieces to suit all your special needs. Collections vary between tradition or contemporary design. We source exclusive designs internationally to select exquisite collections for our clients. These lines are known for their innovative techniques, modern style and classic longevity – viewing available in downtown Calgary.