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Here’s why you shouldn’t miss out on Zodiac watches, the newest addition to J. Vair Anderson’s watch selection.

J. Vair Anderson is the new home to 15 unique types of Zodiac watches, including the Super Sea Wolf ZO3550. Zodiac devotes itself to the accuracy and workmanship associated with Swiss watchmaking throughout its history, all the while exploring modern materials and pushing the boundaries to produce innovative pieces.

“Our pursuit to create quality, precision Swiss watches made to be worn and lived in has been the fuel for some of our most beloved collections.”

Zodiac Watch Selection

Limited Edition Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ZO3550

At J. Vair Anderson, there are several pieces from Zodiac’s Super Sea Wolf series including the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ZO3550, a limited-edition Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver crafted for Zodiac’s 140-year anniversary. This 42mm limited edition tool watch is characterized by its bright seafoam green phosphorescent lume bezel and markers paired with blaze orange dial accents. Complemented by a brushed seven-link titanium butterfly-clasp bracelet. Stronger and lighter than steel, the Super Sea Wolf Pro-Diver Titanium is scratch-resistant, anti-corrosive, and designed to perform under the most demanding conditions.

Zodiac ZO3550

Why We Love It

In 1953, Zodiac set to take the industry by storm when the Sea Wolf was introduced. Keeping to what they know, Zodiac has reinvented its timeless pieces at a fair price point. Originally designed for sporting types like scuba diving or car racing, Zodiac pieces are well-designed timepieces meant to withstand wear and tear from frequent usage.

Zodiac Lume


Early scuba diving enthusiasts and American soldiers serving in Vietnam during the war enjoyed the original Sea Wolf because of its durability. It was readily adopted by service members and was offered in post-exchange shops on American military posts both in the United States and Southeast Asia. However, this contemporary version of the watch takes the Sea Wolf design from the 1960s and propels it firmly into the present. 

J. Vair Anderson’s collection features limited edition Super Sea Wolf and Olympos watches. The Super Sea Wolf  ZO3550 watch referenced in this newsletter is available now and can be found on the J. Vair Anderson website or in-store today.

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