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Two Limited Edition Seiko Timepieces

Featuring the SSH127 Astron and COIN PARKING DELIVERY collaboration

New Seiko Timepieces at J. Vair Anderson Jewellers

First up, is the SSH127 Astron featuring the tried and true GPS Solar 5X53 movement. This limited edition model comes wrapped in a green dial with a sleek black case design. This watch is a limited edition of 1,200 pieces and is launching at the end of this month.

Seiko New Limited Edition Time Pieces

What makes it special?

The 5X53 movement of this watch is powered by the sun and will continue to tick for up to

six months in complete darkness.

A few notable functions include:

Overcharge prevention function

Perpetual calendar to February 28, 2100

World time function (39 time zones)

Dual-time function

Time transfer function

GPS signal reception function

Satellite acquisition status display function

Function to prevent the GPS signal reception (in-flight mode)

Automatic hand position alignment function

Seiko at J. Vair<br />

The case size thickness is measured at 12.2mm, followed by the diameter at 43.1mm. The SSH127 Astron comes equipped with sapphire crystal and Lumibrite on the hands and indexes.


The second limited edition release from Seiko is a collaboration with the artist COIN
PARKING DELIVERY to celebrate their 55th anniversary in the form of a limited edition
SRPK02. This watch is a limited edition of 1,500 pieces and is launching at the end of this month.

Seiko at J. Vair

COIN PARKING DELIVERY’s artistic journey started in 2018 using used his smartphone to draw with his fingers while moving on the train. With a smartphone in hand, an indispensable item for people today, he creates works that question the ideals of the “now” era.

Seiko at J. Vair

The COIN PARKING DELIVERY collaboration has several unique features including the dial designed without numbers signifying one must be “unbounded by time.”
COIN PARKING DELIVERY’s iconic “Mr. Shirai” and “Mr. Katayama” can be found at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock on the dial. At the base of the dial, is a subtle mountain graphic that symbolizes “climbing through life one step at a time.”

Seiko at J. Vair

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