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Wellendorff Silken Radiance Rondel

SKU: WEL-440-058

The Wellendorff Silken Radiance Rondel is romantic and lively, set in 18K yellow gold with 1.06ct diamonds, it adds a special brilliance to every gold rope and creates a vibrant contrast on the wearer’s neck. Featuring a vine motif and rose coloured cold enamel, which is an art in itself – both shock-resistant and effortlessly transparent it allows you to look into its depths.

This rondel can be combined playfully with any thickness of Wellendorff rope. Signed with the Diamond W, guaranteeing the perfect quality and craftsmanship of Wellendorff’s work, the rondel complements the necklaces perfectly and has captured countless women’s hearts around the world.

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