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G-SHOCK GAE2100WE-3A, from the toughness-driven G-SHOCK, a design inspired by adventurers whose love of the wilderness knows no bounds. Switch between interchangeable bands and bezels for a thin octagonal GAE-2100 with an even wilder spirit. Green nature-inspired camouflage and vibrant outdoor-fashion orange take you from fashionable urban streets to wilderness exploration in cool, casual style. Born from the breakthrough idea of a hollow structure

The G-SHOCK GAE2100WE-3A’s case employs a hollow structure which “floats” the module and protects it from shocks. With a full urethane bezel, cushioning material, and other shock-resistant technologies exclusive to G-Shock, the body and module interior receive all-directional enclosure that raises toughness to the highest levels.

The protruding configuration adopted for the watch case and bezel protects against direct shocks, with key parts inside the module individually protected with cushioning material to prevent errors in operation or damage if the watch receives a shock. The sections where the band and the case are joined are fixed in a curved shape that enables the band itself to act as a shock absorber, thus guarding even the back of the case from direct shocks.

$279.00 CAD

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