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G-Shock Limited Edition and Family Pieces

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“G-SHOCK Watches by Casio – the ultimate tough watch. Water resistant watch, shock resistant watch – built with uncompromising passion.”

G-Shock LED Display


Many of us had a watch of some kind in early childhood that made an impression. It might have been a simple Casio, a toy-like device, a half-calculator, or a tough G-SHOCK. As many adult watch enthusiasts can attribute, at least in part, their interest with these tiny devices as children.

G-Shock Baby-G

Choices range from pastel pinks to holographic polarized hues. Based on the well-liked design BA-110, BABY-G is the casual watch for anyone. In the latest release, the brand offered unique colours such as pastel purple, pink and a polarized hue. The fundamental design is given a particularly feminine touch by cool rose gold-coloured metallic accents that are used to highlight the main colour. These brand-new designs will undoubtedly become staples in the world of fall and winter street fashion.

G-Shock MR-GB2000GA-1

Introducing the 40th-anniversary limited edition G-SHOCK collaboration watch, the MR-GB2000GA-1 which showcases the unique swordsmith Sadanobu Gassan’s techniques for people who value the cutting edge of master craftsmanship. Gassan fashions the titanium band to resemble a sword tang, evoking the philosophy of the Japanese sword. To retain the blade securely in the handle, the concealed but crucial section of the sword is typically imprinted with a yasuri-me design. As a representation of his family’s dedication to the art of sword smithing, Gassan hand-carves these marks and the inscriptions 鍛 and 錬 onto the watch band.

G-Shock MR-GB2000GA-1

G-Shock Tough Solar GSTB100

The first models in the G-STEEL series from G-SHOCK, a watch that constantly strives for ruggedness, offer chronograph performance in analogue format. This watch tests the bounds of shock resistance on the G-SHOCK scale. Interestingly, a multipurpose rotating disc shaped to imitate the thick blades of a jet engine is located at the nine o’clock position. In the Timekeeping and Stopwatch modes, the blades also revolve as time passes. In order to create a more attractive look and improve the fit to the case, a new layer guard structure houses resin cushioning elements to ensure comfort on the wrist.

G-Shock Tough Solar GSTB100
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